I’m an alcoholic….but God!

The silhouette of a person facing the sunrise with an arm raised in praise. The scene is imbued with vibrant colors of the dawn, symbolizing hope, renewal, and spiritual awakening.

I’m AJ. I’m an alcoholic. 10 years ago my life was a wreck. My marriage was on the rocks. My career in a high profile public position was in jeopardy. My relationship with my 2 grown sons was shattered. I had no real friends. I conned and manipulated every one around me; my family, my co-workers and my employer. I drank everyday, even on the job. I was always 1 random drug test away from termination. I had no purpose and no desire for anything except my next drink.

On March 3, 2010 my world crashed around me and I sought to end my life. Being unsuccessful at that I was forced into re-hab and substance abuse counselling by my wife and employer. That led me to a 12 step recovery group called Serenity Group. All that began to open my eyes to the demons of my past that led to my drinking. I began to put those demons and my past away and gain the tools to rebuild my life, and right some of the wrong  I caused.

In January 2001 Serenity Group evolved into a Church by the same name, Serenity Church of Longview, with me as a Charter member. Today with over 9 years sobriety, my life is full, peaceful and comfortable. My wife and I are happier and more in love than ever. My sons now call me Dad with respect. I was able to retire from my job with full benefits. I have true friends who support and encourage me. My life is full of purpose and desire to share my story with others and to seek God’s will for each new day of my life!