Feel Alone?

Feeling out of Control?

If you are suffering from hurts beyond your control, if life has become unmanageable, and you do not know your next move, Serenity is waiting for you.

Welcome to Serenity Church of Longview

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Check out the rest of the site and email us if you would like to visit with someone who’s been through the worst of what life has to offer. All contact is 100% confidential.

We’re so glad you found your way here! For some of us, it’s been a long road; for others, the road continues on. In either case, we are here to provide help, friendship, and support. We’re just like you! We have struggles that we can’t manage on our own and need to surround ourselves with people who understand; we’re good people who have chosen to do some pretty rotten things. We’ve hurt ourselves and those around us, and we can’t stop for some reason.

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My Church Means to Me…

I Found My Church!!!

Submitted by

Matt P

an unrolled scroll laying flat on a wooden table, with a classic quill pen resting on it.
With my past, I had gotten to the point that I was ready to give up on going to church. Serenity Church was a breath of fresh air; I immediately …

The Steps Mean to Me…

What Step One Means to Me

Submitted by

Matt P

A person kneeling with open hands facing upward, illuminated by a soft light. This composition emphasizes a moment of surrender, reflection, or prayer.
After 10+ years in my addiction, I was struggling to stop only to fail. The act of admitting that I was powerless of my addiction was so freeing. Surrender is …


I am Worthy….This is My Story

Submitted by

Michelle D

The silhouette of a person facing the sunrise with an arm raised in praise. The scene is imbued with vibrant colors of the dawn, symbolizing hope, renewal, and spiritual awakening.
“Hello world” has a whole new meaning to me today then it did just 7 to 10 years ago. I use to say it the minute I would take a …