Recovery for Today

Today we can decide that our attitude toward our faith in God as we understand Him is the

most important decision for our recovery we could make. You see, if we start with, “He can and

He will, therefore I can be willing to let Him!”  Phillipians 4:13 says, “I can do all things in Christ who

strengthens me”, so this small action creates a willingness in attitude towards other

things, such as working our steps, to name a few. Just like you’ve heard before, breakfast is the most

tumblr_mm6imfN4Hx1ri5bmco1_500important meal of the day because it primes our bodies and minds for the day.

You wouldn’t want to start your day with M&M chocolates for breakfast because

that’s junk and isn’t productive for our

bodies or our minds. Same principle applies, if we start with an attitude of

willingness for faith in

God to help us in our recovery, we have primed our minds and hearts to try.

  • Submitted by Teresa, member at Serenity Church Longview