Who Are We?

Our Mission:

We desire to help everyone in need find sobriety through a life lived following and serving Jesus Christ.

We Are Just Like You

Serenity Church Longview is for those who are 10 minutes sober, those who are 10 weeks, 10 months and 100 years clean and sober or anywhere in between!

Serenity Church, located in Longview, Texas, was established in 2011 with the aim of providing a place of worship for Christians who are struggling with addictive behaviors. We are a group of imperfect individuals who rely on the grace and love of Jesus Christ to lead us toward perfection. Every Saturday evening, we come together to worship through prayer, communion, and the sharing of God’s Word. We aim to create a community of believers who support each other on their journey toward recovery and spiritual growth.

           We have discovered that people like us often feel we don’t belong in other churches. We end up sitting at the back, hoping nobody will recognize us, or we don’t attend church at all. We struggle between being our true selves and being accepted by others because we believe we can’t be both. We keep our victories and miracles that God works in our lives a secret, fearing that if we reveal them, we’ll be abandoned or rejected due to our addictions or issues.

            Sometimes it’s hard to be honest at church because people might not be comfortable hearing what we really need to say. We need a place where we can worship God, make friends with folks who are going through the same struggles as us, and grow in our faith. It’s important to have a place where we can be ourselves, stay sober, and feel like we belong.

            Serenity Church is a place where you can serve God freely and be completely honest about the struggles of life. We welcome everyone, whether you are in recovery or simply looking for a community where you can share your daily challenges with real people who understand and support you. You don’t have to feel alone anymore – we’re here for you!

         We are a group of people who are going through some tough times and facing challenges that affect us every day. Some of us struggle with addiction, while others carry the weight of abandonment, rejection, or anger from past experiences. But the one thing that brings us together is our love for God and our desire to overcome these self-destructive behaviors.

            Serenity Church is a non-denominational organization that is dedicated to helping individuals who seek a relationship with God. Our mission is to help people find sobriety by following and serving Jesus Christ.

            At Serenity Church, we don’t wear masks.  We are not “playing church” or pretending to be something we’re not.  We are here to worship God and develop lifelong friendships while encouraging and loving each other.  Here you will find ordinary people in casual dress with loving concern and TOTAL acceptance.

While we offer you encouragement and support during your recovery, we encourage you to find a local Bible-based church near you.