What Step One Means to Me

A person kneeling with open hands facing upward, illuminated by a soft light. This composition emphasizes a moment of surrender, reflection, or prayer.

After 10+ years in my addiction, I was struggling to stop only to fail. The act of admitting that I was powerless of my addiction was so freeing. Surrender is what Step 1 means to me, finding help from my higher power, God, and from a group of people who completely understand what I am. … Read more

I Found My Church!!!

an unrolled scroll laying flat on a wooden table, with a classic quill pen resting on it.

With my past, I had gotten to the point that I was ready to give up on going to church. Serenity Church was a breath of fresh air; I immediately felt like I had come home. I was comfortable enough to share my past without fear of rejection. I knew immediately that I had found … Read more

Our Saturday Night Service at Serenity Church Longview

An intimate church meeting

Come and join us every Saturday evening from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM for our primary weekly service. It’s a great time for spiritual renewal and heartfelt worship at Serenity Church Longview. We believe that every moment together is an opportunity to connect, reflect, and grow in faith. What to Expect: After our service ends, … Read more

Step Study Meetings

A group of people seated around a table in a casual meeting setting within a church or similar environment.

Join Our Weekly Step Study Meeting at Serenity Church Longview When: Every WednesdayTime: 7:00 PM Come and join us at Serenity Church Longview’s Step Study Meetings where you can learn about personal growth and recovery in a supportive, faith-based environment. Our doors are open to anyone who is taking their first steps towards recovery or … Read more

Movie Nite !!

A movie night set within a small, intimate church room, focusing on the close-knit and warm atmosphere/

Experience Movie Night at Serenity Church Longview! When: Friday, February 16thTime: Doors open at 6:30 PM We’re thrilled to invite you to a movie night! It’s not just a movie; it’s an invitation to come together as a church, share laughs, and enjoy a heartwarming film that speaks to all ages. Transforming our sacred space … Read more