Remedy Meeting

Remedy Meeting Feature

Dive into the heart of recovery and personal growth with the Remedy Meeting, our Saturday sanctuary that kicks off roughly 10 minutes after our evening service wraps up, usually around the inviting hour of 8 PM. Nestled within the warm embrace of our church community, this gathering is a beacon for anyone at any stage of their recovery journey, seeking connection and support as they navigate the path of healing and growth.

Here’s What Awaits You:

  • Open-Hearted Sharing: At the core of our Saturday gatherings is the freedom to voice the stories of your journey. It’s a space designed for openness, where sharing the ups and downs of life and recovery is not just welcomed, it’s cherished. Every voice adds to the chorus of collective healing and understanding.
  • A Circle of Empathy: Picture a room echoing with understanding—a place where every nod signifies, “I hear you, I see you.” That’s the spirit of our meetings. It’s a refuge for unburdening your heart and bolstering your spirit, surrounded by folks who know the terrain of challenge and triumph alike.
  • Spiritual Reinforcement: Link your steps of recovery with the strength of faith. Delve into discussions where spiritual insights light the way, offering solace and strength on your journey. Our meetings are where faith meets action, guiding each step with hope and heart.
  • Venue: A seamless transition from service to support, our meeting spot within the church grounds is a haven where connections deepen, and new ones are forged in the spirit of recovery and fellowship.

The Saturday Remedy Meeting transcends the traditional notion of a gathering; it’s a shared expedition towards healing, understanding, and growth. Whether you’re taking your first steps or continuing your journey in recovery, you’ll find an open door, eager hearts, and a nurturing environment to support you every step of the way.

Why Embark on This Journey With Us? Imagine recovery as a mosaic—each piece a story, a lesson, a step. Our weekly meetings offer you the glue of support, understanding, and spiritual guidance to piece together your own vibrant mosaic of recovery. Here, every victory is celebrated, every challenge met with compassion, and every step forward cherished.

Step Forward Into Healing: Ready to join hands and hearts? Post-service this Saturday, as the clock nears 8 PM, marks your next step towards a journey filled with hope, connection, and the supportive embrace of our church community.

We’re more than just a meeting; we’re a journey taken together. Let’s step forward, together.