About Us

Serenity Church Longview is for those who are 10 minutes sober, those who are 10 weeks, 10 months and 100 years clean and sober or anywhere in between!

Serenity Church in Longview, Tex. was started in 2011 by a group of Christians who desired a “church for the rest of us”, specifically those whose lives had become unmanageable due to addictive behaviors. Each Saturday evening we worship together through song, prayer, communion, and the sharing of God’s Word. We are an imperfect people only made perfect through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

We exist to help the lonely, depressed, hurting and hopeless find friendship, encouragement, relief, forgiveness, and hope.

While we offer you encouragement and support during your recovery, we encourage you to find a local Bible-based church near you.